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BRiDGES Preschool Teachers

All of our teachers have or are finishing degrees in Early Childhood Education, Child Development or a child related field. Our play-based preschool program honors childhood by providing a comfortably structured, educationally rich environment that allows children to learn through hands-on exploration.

‘Preschool Week Briefs’ are posted and made available on the first school day of each week to keep parents informed about their children’s weekly science experiments, cooking projects, gardening activities, new primary Spanish and Sign Language, dramatic play, music and movement, children窶冱 literature, journals, zoo phonics, math manipulatives, snack helpers and special teacher notes.

BRiDGES naturally evolving preschool curriculum also focuses on positive character traits, communication skills, assertiveness training and problem solving for all children.

Our full day children bring healthy picnic-style lunches and brush their teeth everyday before resting.

All BRiDGES children enjoy ample outside time on our Adventure Playgrounds. Our outdoor environments are recognized for their natural elements, gardens, mud kitchens, water features and more.



Ages 3-4

Children entering preschool must be 3 years old and confidently potty trained. Children who are not yet considered confidently potty trained might consider e-Pre (early-preschool). Needing gentle reminders to go potty for the first couple of weeks is okay.

Program offerings:
窶「 M-F full day preschool
窶「 AM MWF 3 hour preschool class
窶「 AM TTh 3 hour preschool class
窶「 AM M-F 3 hour preschool class
窶「 Extended child care is available before and after class if needed.
窶「 Lunch Bunch is a fun and a very popular addition!


Ages 4-5

Children who are almost four before the start of a new semester, may be considered for early entrance into a Pre-K program at the discretion of the Site Director. Early entrance is based on developmental readiness and class size.

Program offerings:
M-F full day Pre-K
AM MWF 3 hour Pre-K class
AM TTh 3 hour Pre-K class
PM MWF 3 ツス hour Pre-K class
PM TTh 3 ツス hour Pre-K class
PM M-F 3 ツス hour Pre-K class
Extended child care is available before or after class if needed.
Lunch Bunch is a fun and popular addition


Ages 4-5

We made it up! This class is for children who are planning on attending Kindergarten for the following school year.

Program offerings:
AM M-F 3 hour class
M-F Full Day Program
Extended child care is available before or after class if needed.
Lunch Bunch is a fun and popular addition.

Young Leaders Club

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