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BRiDGES Kindergarten is an awesome private school alternative for your child!

Knowing that Kindergarten is one of the most formative years in a child窶冱 educational career, more and more parents are seeking a private school alternative for their children. Scientists are telling us what we parents have known intuitively for years: Children learn best when they are 窶彭oing窶. Meaningful experiences record knowledge in long term memory. A wide variety of knowledge connects dendrites in the brain and new information can only attach itself to something familiar that has already been experienced.

BRiDGES’ children follows all of the state guidelines for Kindergarten and then some. We do it in a way that is conducive to the way children learn best. Here, they will use their minds, voice and senses to learn. A structured, hands on approach to reading, mathematics, science, writing, art, health, music, foreign language, socialization and responsibility are respectfully taught in a developmentally appropriate classroom by Early Childhood experts. With so many public school changes in kindergarten in AZ, quality private school kindergarten is an increasingly popular choice for your child. State cut-backs do NOT affect your child’s opportunity to receive a quality well-rounded kindergarten experience at BRiDGES.


Reading is individualized based on each child窶冱 level of development. Quality Children窶冱 literature is a rich part of Kindergarten Curriculum. The children have both reading time and story time every day.

Writing Journals, (plus Science Journals) offers a treasury of the children窶冱 drawing and writing development. The work in their journals is date stamped to show their progress over time. Children who continue into Kindergarten from Bridges Preschool continue the journals that they have already started.

Mathematics is taught through hands on, concrete activities, a wide variety of manipulatives, and music, as well as using paper and pencil.

A quality music education programs comes into directly into the classroom each week to enrich the children with the art of music. Dramatic Play is encouraged through a variety of rotating Dramatic Play centers including a Doctor窶冱 office, Fire Department, Grocery Store, Bakery/Cafテゥ, Etc.

Children are introduced to the world of fine arts by discussing the work of some of the greatest artists in history, including Monet, Van Gough, and Michael Angelo. Kindergartener’s also get to try their hand at creating great masterpieces of their own. A variety of mediums are explored including pastels, paint, clay, etc. Art exploration at the kindergarten level is now only available in a private school setting.

Science Exploration is a regular part of Kindergarten Curriculum. A full classroom science center is utilized as well as regularly scheduled science experiments, cooking projects, and gardening activities.

The children learn how to use real tools and materials in the classroom Construction Zone. Here they explore the inner workings of small appliances by taking things apart. They have a variety of materials for constructing and putting things together.

Primary Spanish and Sign Language is continually taught throughout the school year.

Physical Education is part of the weekly curriculum, taking place each week within the classroom or on our Adventure Playground.

Special Projects

BRiDGES Kindergartener’s do a special project each year to leave their legacy for the children to come. Some of these projects to date have included:

Constructing a 窶徂and printed窶 cobblestone island in the center of the playground creek.

Completely planning and constructing a 窶廛esert Botanical Kinder-garden窶 while studying the Sonora Desert from A-Z.

Designing and creating mosaic cobblestone art to line the ground around the fountain in the school Share Garden.

Planting a small 窶彝eading Orchard,窶 complete with grass, and grape vines.

Hand painting and constructing terracotta planters, plus a homemade bird bath and feeder for the school Bird and Butterfly Habitat.

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